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Do you feel like something is missing in your living room? Like the decor isn’t quite complete yet? Despite carefully picking every item in the room, you still haven’t achieved that cozy home feeling you were looking for. Do you need to add warmth? Well, maybe a rug is all you’re missing.

This element isn’t just suitable for the lounge, with models tailored to every other room – and even outdoors. The key is to find the perfect piece. Are you ready to add a breath of fresh air to your home? In the following shopping guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the ideal rug.

Key Facts

  • A rug can complete a room’s decoration or be its centerpiece. This will depend on the model you buy and how you use it.
  • The manufacturing material of the carpet is key; it will determine its style, the ease of cleaning, and how you can use it.
  • Are rugs compatible with people who are allergic to dust? Are there materials more suitable for winter? We will delve into the main shopping criteria in the final section of our article.

Our Selection: The Best Rugs on the U.S. Market

Carpets are primarily decorative elements, which is why we tend to focus on their aesthetics and style when making our decision. However, many other aspects are relevant and should be taken into consideration. Before we delve into the ins and outs of these products, here is our selection of the most popular rugs currently available on the market:

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Rugs

The wide range of products on the market can make it particularly difficult to choose a model, and this is no different with rugs. As you may have noticed from our selection above, the options are virtually endless. Not only regarding the design, but also in terms of shape, sizes, colors, and fabrics. In the following section, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding rugs to help you make the right decision.

Your rug can be the centerpiece of your living room if you choose it carefully.
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How are traditional rugs made?

They are created on a loom where the warp – a kind of vertical thread base – is attached. Knots are made in each row of these threads before being fastened with the weft (the horizontal threads). The threads are changed, depending on the desired design. In the end, the carpet features pile on one side and knots on the other.

What characteristics stand out from traditional rugs?

Nowadays, we generally purchase our rugs online, in department stores, or in specialized stores. If you are looking for a unique model, you can opt for those coming from Arab and Eastern countries. They are famous for their quality fabrics and their long tradition making these decorative elements.

They dye the materials by hand, using 100% natural pigment. This also means that each rug is unique. The handmade embroideries are often very striking, with floral, geometric, or animal-related motifs, among others.  Keep in mind that these carpets can be reasonably expensive if they are original and of quality.

Many people remove their rugs during summer, as some fabrics retain heat and aren’t suitable for this time of year.
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Where can I place my rug?

You should have a good idea of where you want to put your carpet before you make your purchase. This personal decision will naturally be influenced by your tastes, but there are other aspects that you should take into consideration. Here are some tips to help you get it right:

  • In the living room: The rug will generally be located near the couch. It can be slightly wider than this furniture and go under the front legs. If you want to place it in front of your sofa, it should be similar or smaller in size. If your living room is very spacious, you can also buy a carpet that covers the whole area (sofas, armchairs, and coffee table).
  • In the dining room: The rug should completely cover the table and chair area. Besides, you must be able to sit at the table without the chair hanging on the edge of the carpet. For this, you should add 60 inches to both the width and length of your table, or to its diameter if it is round.
  • In the kitchen: They are usually placed in the water and cooking area.
  • In the bedrooms: If you have a bed or a crib leaning against a wall, the best option is to put the rug parallel to that wall. When the bed is in the middle, you can have a carpet on each side or at the feet. If there are two beds in the room, place the rug in the middle.
  • In the corridor: If you want the decor to look attractive, don’t forget to leave 3 inches on either side of the rug.

Can I find an outdoor rug?

Nowadays, boasting a rug outside is incredibly trendy, to a large extent due to the efforts of manufacturers to develop new fabrics suitable for these conditions. While various options are available to you, these are the three most common:

  • Polypropylene: Its fibers are waterproof and prevent humidity from entering. These rugs need to undergo a specific treatment to protect the material from the sun.
  • Vinyl: This exceptionally durable and non-slip material can withstand exposure to sunlight and water. Its watertightness is the feature that makes it ideal for pool areas.
  • Artificial turf: Made from PVC fibers, this type of rug imitates natural grass.

Are rugs practical with a robot vacuum?

These household appliances are becoming more and more common in American homes. If you own one, you will need to pay attention to the height of your rug. You won’t encounter any problem if it measures less than 1 inch in height, but any more could be an issue. Your robot may not be able to clean it or could even get stuck. If your rug is too thin and light, on the other hand, the vacuum may drag it along.

The best thing you can do is read the device’s instructions for any guidance regarding this type of issue. You have to keep in mind that it isn’t comfortable to have to move your carpet every time you want to clean your home. In the end, household appliances should make your life easier – not the other way around.

You should have a good idea of where you want to put your carpet before you make your purchase.
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What are some decoration tips for buying the right rug?

In the following list, you will discover various decorative tricks to help you identify the type of carpet that best suits your needs:

  • Divisions. In very large rooms, you can use these items to create different spaces.
  • Unifying. The rug should always match the decorative style of the room. While you can sometimes see unlikely associations in interior design, this is incredibly risky if you aren’t a professional. In that case, stick to what you have.
  • Design. If you have several powerful decorative elements in a room, pick a carpet that goes more unnoticed.
  • Focal point. The rug can also become the centerpiece of any room to wow everyone walking in. You can opt for a bold model in a more conservative interior design, for instance. You can also buy a rug with the same color as the walls of the room.
  • Changes. For most of us, it is impossible to redecorate our homes frequently. But if you’re someone who wants to do that, play around with different rugs and textiles. This will help you create an entirely new look in your house.

What are the advantages of rugs?

Have you made up your mind on the type of rug you want for your home? We’re sure you must have a good idea of what you’re after, and you’ll be setting your new carpet in no time at all. Before we delve into the main shopping criteria to consider during your decision-making process, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these decorative elements:

  • They add warmth to the room
  • There is a perfect model for every space
  • They protect your floors
  • They can be the decorative centerpiece you were missing
  • Certain models can be difficult to clean
  • They tend to accumulate dust over time

Shopping Criteria

Do you know exactly where you want to place your next rug? Are you looking to buy several models for different rooms? In the end, the most important thing is that you have a vision for what you want to create in each space of your home. If you pay attention to the following criteria, you will be a step closer to purchasing the perfect rug:


You may be asking yourself whether you can have a rug if someone in your household is allergic to dust mites. The answer is yes, but you should choose its composition carefully. Try and avoid natural fabrics (especially wool), thicker models, and long piles. On the contrary, easy-to-clean synthetic materials are your best option. From there on, vacuum the rug frequently to keep allergies at bay.

Nowadays, we generally purchase our rugs online, in department stores, or in specialized stores.
(Source: Rudy and Peter Skitterians: 2732939/


Many people remove their rugs during summer, as some fabrics retain heat and aren’t suitable for this time of year. However, some are designed for warmer months. In the following two tables, you will be able to identify the best options for both summer and winter:


Material Outstanding features of the rug
Cotton Machine washable and comfortable, but it cannot support too much stepping on.
Synthetic fibers It is very durable, so you can place it anywhere in your home.
Wool It provides warmth and is very resistant to humidity. It is ideal in areas with a lot of traffic.
Natural skin Also suitable for high traffic areas, it provides great warmth.


Material Outstanding features of the rug
Bamboo It is both very soft and resistant, in addition to being anti-bacterial.
Hemp It withstands humidity very well, adds freshness, and is ideal for areas with a lot of movement.
Sisal While this material isn’t very pleasant to the touch, it is incredibly resistant. One of the best options for areas with traffic.
Jute It is very soft and not particularly durable. This material is best kept away from zone areas.

Shape & Color

While the majority of rugs on the market are rectangular, you can also find a variety of other options. While unique cuts are less frequent, round or oval carpets are quite common and are perfect for a dining table of that shape. In general, models with an original design look particularly good next to a single bed or a reading corner.

Your rug could become the decorative centerpiece of your space, which is why you need to choose it carefully. If the room isn’t very spacious, prefer a light-colored model to create a greater feeling of spaciousness. If you have a large room, on the other hand, a dark-colored piece will be more welcoming.


You have to decide between short or long pile when you purchase your new rug. In that regard, you should know that the former are more resistant and durable, as well as easy to clean. Besides, they tend to be more affordable and they give off less heat. You can use them in corridors, in a children’s room, and the dining area. Short-pile rugs are also the best option in homes with allergy-prone individuals.

Long-pile carpets, on the other hand, are softer and create a warmer feeling in the room. They are ideal for the relaxation zone of a living room as well as for the bedrooms. Keep in mind that they are harder to clean, as dirt tends to get caught between their hairs. As we mentioned earlier, these rugs are also more expensive.

Dorothy DraperAmerican Interior Decorator

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Children or Pets

If you have children or pets at home, you need to be realistic to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. While you can try to be as careful as you want, we still recommend that you opt for rugs that are easier to clean. You need to be able to vacuum the piece, and having a machine-washable model is a great idea to give it a good washing when necessary.

Your carpet will end up costing you a lot more than you had planned if you have to take to the dry-cleaner’s every year. In that regard, vinyl rugs are a particularly interesting option for you. Nowadays, you will find a wide range of aesthetic designs for you to choose from, and they are as easy to clean as your floor.


We have finally reached the end of our shopping guide. We truly hope that our detailed analysis has helped you unveil very interesting features. There is no doubt that a rug can become the centerpiece that you need to finish your home decor and add an elegant touch to it. Besides, there is a model for every taste and every budget, too.

You now know which aspects to evaluate, where to place your rug, and how to keep it in good condition. This is the best way to make a successful purchase. All that’s left for you to do is browse the market and find that piece that you fall in love with. We are convinced that you will love the new look of your home.

Did you find our shopping guide on rugs helpful and informative? If that’s the case, feel free to leave us a comment in the section below. You can also share this article on your social media so that your friends and family can find the decorative element they didn’t know they were looking for!

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