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If you have an outdoor area in your home then you are a very lucky person. It doesn’t matter if it is a balcony, a terrace, a patio or a yard, simply having a place where you can be outside and enjoy the fresh air is enough. An outdoor area is also the perfect place to share meals with family, read the newspaper or enjoy a relaxing Sunday brunch. To make these enjoyable moments as comfortable as possible, you will need an outdoor table and chairs.

Buying a good set of outdoor chairs will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space and sit comfortably. If you already own outdoor chairs, you may be looking to replace them as, over time, they deteriorate due to the continual exposure to the elements, such as sun and rain. To help you find the chairs that best suits your outdoor area, we have prepared the following shopping guide just for you. We hope you enjoy reading the following guide and find the perfect set of outdoor chairs.

Key Facts

  • There are many different models of outdoor chairs on the market today. It is important to analyze your situation and needs so that you can select the product that suits you the best.
  • Finding a durable product that is made from quality materials is key. Outdoor chairs are continuously exposed to harsh weather conditions, which is why you should never use regular chairs in your outdoor area.
  • When comparing the different models available, keep in mind how much space you have and how many chairs you will need. In our Buyer’s Guide section we explain the most important criteria to consider when making your selection.

Our Selection: The Best Outdoor Chairs on the U.S. Market

In the following section, we will present four of the best outdoor chair sets that are currently available on the market. Reviewing some of the best options on the market will help you see what features may be useful to you and how much you will need to spend. The products below have all been selected based on their value for money, their features and customer feedback. For a great set of outdoor chairs that you will be able to enjoy for many years, take a close look at the options below.

Best Stackable Outdoor Chairs

The Flash Furniture set of 4 stackable chairs are the ideal outdoor chairs at a very affordable price. The seat is made from dark brown rattan that is ultra-comfortable and lightweight so that you can easily move them around. The frame is designed for all-weather use making it a great option for indoor and outdoor settings.

Best Reclinable Outdoor Chairs

This set of two outdoor reclining chairs are the perfect way to enjoy your outdoor area in absolute comfort. Made to hold 250-pounds of weight and featuring strong, UV-resistant mesh, these chairs are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. These chairs are perfect to kick back and relax in your garden, pool area or terrace, just don’t forget your hat and sunscreen!

Best Forged Metal Outdoor Chairs

The Furmax metal outdoor chairs are made from scratch-resistant steel that can handle all weather conditions. The rubber feet keep them from sliding and scratching your wooden deck or polished concrete terrace. They are also stackable so that you can easily put them away while they are not being used.

Best Table and Chair Set

The Keter Rio 3-Piece Patio Set is the ideal way to add comfort and style to any outdoor area. This set features a stylish rattan design that is actually made out of molded resin plastic to ensure superior comfort and exceptional durability. If you’re in the market for two outdoor chairs with a little coffee table, then this is the ideal product for you.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Outdoor Chairs

In order to make a successful selection on a set of outdoor chairs, it is important that you understand the differences between the models and the different features of each. In the following section of the shopping guide, we will tell you everything there is to know about outdoor chairs by answering the most common questions among consumers. By reading the following section, you will quickly become an expert in these products and be able to find the product that is just right for you.

Outdoor chairs are extremely durable when made from the correct material.
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What is an outdoor chair exactly?

An outdoor chair, often referred to as a patio chair, is a product that is designed to be used and left outside the house, in an outdoor area such as a terrace. As these products are always outside the protection of the home, the material with which they are made is critical for finding a quality product. When you are thinking about buying chairs for your outdoor space, ensure that the product you buy is specifically designed for outdoor use, otherwise, the life of the product will be considerably less than you were expecting.

What are the most commonly used materials for outdoor chairs?

The aspect that you are undoubtedly most interested in learning about is the materials with which outdoor chairs are made. The materials used to make these products will determine their appearance, durability, and the level of maintenance they require. That’s why we’ve prepared the following list of the materials most commonly used to make outdoor chairs. Paying close attention to the characteristics of each material will allow you to make the best possible decision when purchasing your own outdoor chairs.

  • Iron: This is a material that is widely used in all outdoor furniture. Iron achieves an antique appearance that is reminiscent of the English countryside. It is a robust and heavy material that must be specifically treated to avoid rust.
  • Forged metals: Similar to iron outdoor chairs, forged metal chairs must be properly treated to ensure they do not rust from exposure to moisture. Outdoor chairs made from forged metals have a very rustic and elegant look. Provided they are well made, outdoor chairs made of forged metal will last a very long time.
  • Hardwood: Tropical woods, such as teak, are strong materials that withstand harsh weather very well. Outdoor chairs made of hardwood must be treated to protect them from rain, moths, termites, and fungi. You will also need to varnish them at least once a year so that they maintain their original color.
  • Plastic: Plastic chairs are a great option, as they can handle practically all weather conditions. Traditional plastic outdoor chairs are white or green, but occasionally you can find other colors. They are basic and the most economical option, but with plastic outdoor chairs you will be guaranteed a long-lasting product.
  • Resin: This material is widely used as it can be moulded into many different shapes and designs relatively easily. With resin, you generally have the ability to choose between a wide range of colors that will hold their look even during the most intense weather conditions.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum outdoor chairs are strong and tend to stay in good condition over time. They are an inexpensive option and are sometimes combined with other materials, such as wood. Aluminum outdoor chairs are usually very lightweight, so they can be moved around easily.
  • Natural rattan: This is a lightweight and flexible product that looks similar to bamboo. Rattan is a very resistant material that can withstand a lot of weight. Rattan must be treated to prevent pests.
  • Synthetic rattan: High-density polyethylene is used to create synthetic rattan outdoor chairs that imitate the natural option. You can find synthetic rattan outdoor chairs in different colors and textures. These chairs are very resistant and aesthetically pleasing, particularly in garden settings or outdoor areas with many plants.
  • Other natural fibers: There are a few other natural materials that can be used to make outdoor chairs. Natural materials such as bamboo or wicker are great alternatives but are generally more expensive than other materials. Chairs made of natural fibers are more delicate than hardwood or plastic.

When purchasing your outdoor chairs you should consider the different materials carefully.
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How do you make your outdoor chairs last longer?

As there are so many different materials to choose from when it comes to outdoor chairs, knowing how to take care of them is key. There are some materials that naturally offer greater strength and durability than others, however, the level of care that you perform will have a bearing on the lifespan of all outdoor chairs. So that you can extend the useful life of your outdoor chairs, take into account the following maintenance tips:

Aspect Tips
Weather Protect your chairs from extreme weather by putting them inside or in the garage.
Protection When left outside, try to keep them covered.
Plastic covers Try not to use plastic to cover your outdoor chairs as it increases humidity.
Floor Ensure that your outdoor chairs are placed on a dry floor such as a deck or patio.

Is it better to have outdoor chairs with or without armrests?

Outdoor chairs with armrests are far more comfortable than those without. Armrests allow you to support your arms and sit comfortably. However, armrests make chairs wider overall and as such may restrict the number of chairs that can be placed around your table. Some chairs that have armrests are also unable to be pushed underneath the table as the armrest obstructs this placement. When it comes to armrests, think about how you will use your outdoor chairs and choose accordingly.

Are foldable or stackable outdoor chairs better?

Stackable chairs are great because they take up very little space when they are placed on top of each other. However, if you have more than about six chairs, it can be difficult to handle such a large stack of chairs. Folding chairs are a better option if you have more than six chairs, but you must have a place up against a wall to support them. Consider how many chairs you will need and take this advice into consideration.

Should I buy an outdoor table and chair set?

Buying an outdoor table and chair set can be a great option, particularly if you don’t yet own an outdoor table. Buying a set will ensure that the table and the chairs match and you will generally spend less than if you were to buy them separately. However, if you already have a table or if you want to create a more original combination, purchasing outdoor chairs separately from the table will work just fine.

Buying an outdoor table and chairs set can be a good option.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor chairs?

Now you have learned about the important features of outdoor chairs and the materials that they are made from, its time to make a decision on which product to buy. However, before you start comparing the different products available, it is useful to consider the advantages and disadvantages of these products:

  • There are many different materials to choose from.
  • There are very attractive designs available.
  • They allow you to eat and sit outdoors.
  • They require maintenance.
  • Not all outdoor chairs are comfortable.

Shopping Criteria

We are almost at the end of our guide on outdoor chairs. So that you can confidently choose the best model for your situation, we want to share with you some purchasing criteria so that you can make a successful purchase. It is important that you take into account all the information below so that you can find a set of outdoor chairs that will stay with you for many years to come.


The first aspect to consider is the available space that you have in your outdoor area. If you are going to buy outdoor chairs for a garden or outdoor patio, then space is probably not going to be a problem. If this is the case, you have more freedom to choose outdoor chairs that you like the look of. However, if you have a small terrace or balcony, you should be looking for chairs that can be easily stored away when they are not in use. For chairs to be easily storable, they should either be foldable or stackable.

Always consider the size of the table when deciding how many chairs to purchase.
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Considering the size of the table is an absolute must when determining the number of chairs to buy. If the tabletop can be extended, you may need to purchase a few extra chairs. If this is the case, we recommend foldable or stackable chairs so that they can be easily stored when not in use.


Some outdoor chairs may have a very attractive design but are extremely uncomfortable to sit on for more than a few minutes. The most comfortable outdoor chairs are those made of natural fibers and natural rattan. Outdoor chairs made of plastic are also comfortable but can become quite warm if they are in direct sunlight. The best solution for all outdoor chairs is to use cushions. Not only will it be more comfortable with cushions but you can add your own individual touch to the color or pattern of the cushion.


Keeping your outdoor chairs clean is essential. Knowing how to clean the most common materials on the market will help you narrow down the options that suit you. We say this because you may not be interested in an outdoor chair model that requires a lot of care. Take a look at these cleaning tips:

Material Cleaning
Iron Clean the chair with soap and water. Dry well.
Forged metal The cleaning process is the same as iron.
Hardwood Use a specialized wood cleaner.
Plastic Clean with water and a few drops of ammonia. Dry well.
Resin Wash with water and soap using a soft cloth.
Aluminum Use a damp cloth and then dry very well to avoid leaving marks.
Natural rattan Wash with water and soap using a soft cloth.
Synthetic rattan Using a soft cloth, simply wipe the entire surface with soap and water.
Other natural fibers Wash with water and soap using a soft cloth. Dry well with a delicate cloth. 


Another aspect to keep in mind is whether the outdoor chairs you buy require assembly or not. Assembly is usually required for wooden and metal outdoor chairs. If you order your outdoor chairs online from a store such as Amazon, it is more than likely the chairs will require assembly. Do not worry though, the assembly is usually very straight forward and all the tools you need are often provided.


Owning good quality outdoor chairs will allow you to enjoy the outdoor space of your home even more. On the market, you will find so many different models that you must be clear about the features that are important to you. An attractive design is important, but an outdoor chair that is practical and comfortable may be more useful. The material you choose is also a fundamental decision, as this determines the resistance and lifespan of the chair.

We really hope that you found this shopping guide useful for finding your next set of outdoor chairs. If you enjoyed this guide, please leave a comment below and share it on your social networks.

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