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Travel towels offer many advantages, and a lot of us prefer to travel with our own for greater comfort and hygiene. Other people like to take them to the beach, or to the hotel gym. While it is true that these towels can be made from various materials, the one preferred by the majority of travelers is the microfiber towel.

Microfiber has become increasingly popular among backpackers and travelers in recent years because this material can easily be compressed. This allows you to fold and store your travel towel in a very small space compared to traditional cotton bath towels. In the following article, we’ll tell you all there is to know about microfiber towels.

Key Facts

  • If you have curly hair, microfiber towels are ideal to dry your hair. You won’t rub it and will therefore avoid frizzing.
  • Microfiber towels quickly air dry, are simple to pack and leave no lint.
  • Their light weight is one of the key features of microfiber towels, but remember that this will vary depending on their size. In that regard, finding the right balance between size and weight is very important.

Our Selection: The Best Microfiber Towels on the U.S. Market

Let’s start off our shopping guide with our very own selection of the best microfiber towels available right now on the American market. All have received quality ratings and reviews from past Amazon users, so pay attention to their descriptions. This will help you choose the towel that best suits your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

The Best Microfiber Towel for Traveling

Available in six different sizes (from XS to XXL), this microfiber towel by Rainleaf is an Amazon Best Seller and a true favorite among adventurers. This versatile model comes in a waterproof carry bag to store your towel and keep it dry until you need it. In addition, the snap loop makes it easy for you to hang it up wherever and whenever you need. Note that the XXL model includes a zip pocket to protect your belongings.

The Best Set of Microfiber Towels

What’s better than one microfiber towel for all your trips? Well, a set of three. This Amazon’s Choice pack by OlimpiaFit is ideal if you need various towels with you. The small one is great to wipe off sweat, while the medium-sized towel will come in very handy on your short treks or camping journeys. Finally, the large microfiber towel is what you’ll need on your road trips and other long travels, as well as when it’s beach time.

The Best Microfiber Towel for Hair

Drying your hair can be a real hassle when you’re on the road, and this is why DuraComfort has designed this incredible little towel. Made from lisse crepe microfiber, it will reduce the time you need to dry your hair while being extra gentle with your skin. The InstaDry technology contributes to absorbing extra moisture, while the microfiber towel also offers anti-frizz properties to best care for your hair. Two sizes available.

The Best Microfiber Towel for Cleaning

Whether at home or during adventures, having an efficient cloth to keep your living environment clean is essential. Purchase this huge set of 50 microfiber cleaning cloths and you’ll be set for years to come. Made from a blend of nylon and polyester, each pack comes with four different colors. While they’re designed for cleaning, these small microfiber towels will still be very useful as small gym towels or to wipe the sweat off on a hike.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Microfiber Towels

There is always the possibility that you have doubts regarding the actual usefulness of a product before you purchase it for the first time. We want to help you get rid of this indecision so you can feel confident that buying your own microfiber towel is the right choice for all your travels. This is why we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions about this accessory in the following section.

Microfiber towels air dry quickly, as well as being simple to pack and leave no lint.

Microfiber towels dry quickly, are lightweight, and easy to pack.
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What is a microfiber towel exactly?

Microfiber towels are manufactured with a synthetic fabric, whose threads are much thinner than natural fibers such as cotton. This is where they get their versatility from: they can absorb five times their weight despite the fact that they’re extremely light. Microfiber fabric is used to repel water as well as to attract dust, and it will dry quickly.

Why should I use a microfiber towel?

These travel towels dry quickly, are very light and easy to pack. The majority of brands sell models that air dry easily. As you might know, a travel towel should be small enough to attach to your belt or backpack, and we guarantee that microfiber towels are incredibly versatile.

What are the benefits of microfiber towels?

As a traveler, you should be particularly interested in the fact that these accessories weigh much less than traditional towels. But weight isn’t the only major difference here; the size and folding capacity of fast-drying microfiber towels are more efficient than those made from other materials.

Another key aspect of this travel accessory is the speed at which it dries. Unlike the towels we generally use at home and that stay humid for hours, microfiber towels can dry in no time at all. This is why they’re such a useful ally during all your trips. Here’s a quick recap of the perks microfiber towels offer:

  • Small
  • Foldable
  • Quick-drying
  • Low weight
  • No lint
  • Less dirt (such as dust or sand) gets stuck in it.
  • Antibacterial

This last characteristic is very useful, and most of the best microfiber towels are also treated with antibacterial coatings. What does this mean exactly? While they absorb water, those coatings also prevent your microfiber towel from becoming a refuge for bacteria and other nasty substances.

What are the drawbacks of microfiber towels?

Unfortunately, these travel accessories also have their drawbacks like any other product. The good news is that there are very few. Here are the disadvantages of microfiber towels:

  • They’re less absorbent than terry towels.
  • They’re not as soft to the touch.
  • You can’t wash them at a very high temperature.
  • You shouldn’t tumble-dry them.

In the table below, you will discover the benefits and drawbacks of the most common types of towels available on the American market. It should comfort you in your idea that microfiber towels are the most efficient for traveling.

Criteria Microfiber towel Turkish cotton towel Linen towel Bamboo towel Synthetic towel
Advantages Very lightweight and quick-drying Comfortable and absorbent. They take up little space. Highly absorbent. Fast-drying. Smooth and sustainable They dry quickly.
Disadvantages Usually more expensive and slightly abrasive They don’t dry quickly. Not very soft or comfortable. Quite expensive. Not compact. On the expensive side. They can absorb odors of sweat.

Travelers aren’t the only people who opt to use microfiber towels. People living in colder regions also find them very useful, since drying a towel after a shower can be difficult in those parts of the world. Microfiber towels dry faster than cotton towels even at room temperature, preventing them from taking in odors of mold generated by moisture.

The way you wash your microfiber towel is a bit different from the process you do with a traditional towel.

Microfiber towels can be used for many purposes, such as household and car cleaning.
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How can I wash my microfiber towel?

As you may know already, the way you wash your microfiber towel is slightly different from cleaning a traditional towel. We naturally encourage you to read the laundry information that comes with each product to make sure that there is no specific rule to take into account. Once you’ve done that, you can follow the tips below:

  • The first wash: Many towels tend to lose color the first time you wash them. This is particularly true for those with bright hues, so make sure you wash separately the first time to avoid dyeing the rest of your clothes. You should then wash your towel with similar colors, as it may continue to give off color the first few times you wash it.
  • Temperature: While traditional towels can easily be washed at 140 °F, this isn’t the case with microfiber towels. You shouldn’t wash them at a temperature higher than 104 °F. In that regard, you are advised to read the information provided with your towel.
  • Softener: Don’t use it! It is essential that you keep your microfiber towel away from fabric softener, as it can destroy their thin fibers.
  • Dryer: Again, avoid putting your microfiber towel in a dryer. This shouldn’t be much of a problem since these towels will dry quickly anyway.

Can I use a microfiber towel to dry my hair?

That’s a common question, so we’ve come up with a table so you can easily check all the benefits — and the few drawbacks — that microfiber towels offer. We hope it helps you make your purchasing decision:

  • Faster drying than cotton
  • Your hair dries more easily
  • You won”t need to scrub hair
  • Hair breakage is prevented
  • Better value for money
  • Lint-free accessory
  • It takes longer to wash
  • You should avoid using fabric softeners

Shopping Criteria

While we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions regarding microfiber towels, there are still key criteria that you need to be familiar with so you can make a successful purchase. In the following section, we’ll look at the five most important aspects to help you make a stress-free decision. Always check them in the description of the product you’re interested in. Otherwise, we encourage you to contact the manufacturer.


The best microfiber towels are generally sold in different sizes, and it’ll be up to you to pick the one that best fits your needs. In that regard, consider your own size, as well as the space available in your luggage. Most of these travel towels have a size range from XS to XL. Keep in mind that the larger your towel is, the heavier it will be.

The largest microfiber towels on the market have a width of around 70 inches, which is more than enough for most of us. If that’s not your case, note that you can also purchase extra-large microfiber towels that will still be light enough to carry around on your travels. At the smaller end of things, the towels tend to be around 20 inches wide.

Does not leave lint

Microfiber towels help you dry your hair more easily.
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This may seem obvious, but the size of the packaging is essential. There is no point in investing in a microfibre towel if it’s not small enough to compress and pack in your travel bag. Most of these products come with straps or other ways to hang and store them. You should also check that your microfiber towel includes some kind of support to place it on a hook for faster drying during a road trip.


You’ll naturally want to use your microfiber towel during all your travels and outdoor trips, which is why buying a model that comes with a bag is a smart decision. These bags are generally flexible and can help you reduce the size of your towel so that it takes as little space as possible. That way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and you won’t have to give up on essential clothing just to have your big old cotton towel with you.


Microfiber towels can be used for many purposes, such as household and car cleaning. That being said, they’re now most popular among backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. If that wasn’t enough, these accessories are also very appreciated in the world of yoga, but also among people who frequently head to the beach. This is because they prevent sand from sticking.

In that regard, manufacturers have decided to develop microfiber towels for each type of use. This is why you should be very careful when reading the product description; you certainly don’t want to end up with a teeny-tiny cleaning towel when you were actually looking for an extra-large beach towel. Their designs also change depending on the use you want to make of your own.

Its light weight and super small size make this quick-drying towel an amazing option for any situation.

The largest travel towels can exceed 70 inches in width, which should be enough for most people.
(Source: Rido: 77774179/


This may again seem quite obvious, but don’t forget to check that the quality of your microfiber towel is excellent. You should know that the heavier your towel is, the higher its quality will be. In that sense, keep in mind that a product made from 100% nylon or polyamide will last a lot longer — although it will be a little less affordable.


We’ve reached the end of our shopping guide, and you should know everything that matters regarding microfiber towels. We hope you’ve realized that they’re not only the ideal travel companion, but also very useful to hit the gym, go to yoga, or for your camping trips. Their light weight and very compact size make these fast-drying towels a fantastic option for virtually any situation.

The microfiber towel truly is the perfect ally for all your adventures. Ever since the marketing of the first models, this fiber has been considered superior to others available on the market. Many people will event testify to the fact that these towels have really changed their lives as tourists and adventurers.

So what are you waiting for to give them a go? Don’t forget to share with us your experience with your own microfiber towel. If you found this article useful, feel free to spread the word with your friends and family so that they can also learn all there is to know about this wonderful product!

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