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Jigsaws are power tools designed to make precise cuts in different types of materials. They can be used to cut wood, aluminium, plastic, vinyl, steel or ceramic. Generally, these are practical and very versatile portable tools.

In recent years, their use has become increasingly widespread. Nowadays they are considered a fundamental tool, for both amateurs and DIY professionals. They offer multiple advantages, since they are portable and allow the user obtain a great precision in the cut.

Key Facts

  • Jigsaws are power tools that allow cutting with great precision. With them, it is possible to work on different types of materials: wood, steel, aluminium, plastic and vinyl, and others.
  • They are portable and very versatile tools. They are ideal for amateurs and DIY professionals.
  • Always follow basic safety measures to avoid accidents.

Our Selection: The Best Jigsaws on the U.S. Market

Below, we present our ranking of the five best jigsaws currently available on the market. In this way, you can choose the one which is best suited to your needs. We have chosen a diverse selection of products so you are sure to find one which meets your requirements.

Best Jigsaw With Built-In LED Light

This jigsaw from Tacklife has built-in laser guides to guide your cutting line, and a LED light which illuminates the front area, ensuring increased visibility and precise cutting even in dim light. You can clear sawdust by using the dust blower or connecting the dust port to a vacuum cleaner for a clear sight of the cutting line and neat working environment.

The saw has a 6.7 Amp pure copper motor which generates up to 3000 SPM cutting power, delivering more powerful and efficient cutting performance. It also has a 6-position variable speed which allows you to control the speed and accuracy of cuts and to tackle a variety of applications and materials with greater finesse. Additionally, an adjustable footplate enables the jigsaw to make bevels up to 45° both to right and left for more versatile uses like tangent, beveling or curved cuts.

Best Jigsaw for Accuracy

This jigsaw from probably the biggest name in power tools, Black+Decker has curve control technology which allows you to adjust the saw’s orbit in 1 of 4 customized settings. It also has a 5 Amp variable-speed motor with up to 3,000 SPM of cutting power.

It can make 45-degree bevel cuts, and the jigsaw also has an adjustable shoe for stability. This model also has a new and improved Wire Guard, for better accuracy and safety. Finally, this jigsaw has a keyless blade clamp for tool-free blade change.

Best Orbital Jigsaw

This orbital jigsaw from Porter-Cable is designed with a 7 position speed dial (0-3200 rpm) integrated into the trigger which provides multiple speed settings for optimal cutting results. The 6 Amp motor delivers more power in demanding applications, and the 4 orbital settings provide best cutting performance in a variety of materials.

It offers a lock-on button that provides easier control during prolonged use, and help to diminish user fatigue, along with an oversized front and handle over mold that provide greater control and comfort during use. This jigsaw also offers tool-free blade change to make blade replacements fast and easy and minimize downtime.

Best High-End Jigsaw

For those looking for a top-quality jigsaw, this model from premier brand Bosch is a great option. The JS470E cordless top-handle Jigsaw with 120V low-vibration, 7.0-Amp variable speed for smooth cutting up to 5-7/8″ Inch on wood, 3/8″ Inch on steel. This tool is perfect for countertop installation, woodworking, countertop cut-outs, furniture building, professional woodworkers, and DIY projects.

This jigsaw has several handy features, from a tool-less blade change system, ambidextrous lock-on button and variable speed-dial to a large, sturdy die-cast foot with steel insert and exclusive multi-directional blade clamp. The variable speed dial sets the maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed for precise operation.

Best Jigsaw With Variable Speed

Another great model from Dewalt, this model has a 4-amp motor and a variable speed dial. It also features orbital blade action, meaning the blade moves not just up and down but also forward and back for more accurate and easier cutting.

This jigsaw has a tilting base plate allows for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. The saw comes with additional accessories, including a wood cutting blade, a vacuum adaptor and a Hex Key to allow for easy change of the blade.

Shopping guide: Everything You Should Know About Jigsaws

When buying a jigsaw, it is important to consider a number of factors so that you can make the best choice possible. After all, information is power. For that reason, in this section, we address a series of questions in order to clear up any doubts we may arise while buying a jigsaw.

carpenter working on an electric buzz saw cutting some boards, he is wearing safety glasses and hearing protection to make things safe

The most common use of jigsaws is in carpentry.
(Source: Kzenon: 10091500/

What is a jigsaw exactly?

A jigsaw is a cutting machine usually with an electric motor of varying speeds. Cutting is done through a vertical, alternating motion of a narrow cutting blade. The motion transmission from the motor to the blade is carried out by a Scotch yoke mechanism.

The cutting tool is metal saw blades. These consist of small and narrow metal strips, either with flat edges or with saw teeth. Blades come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This means a jigsaw can be used with different types of materials and to cut a large range of shapes.

What are the main uses of jigsaws?

Jigsaws are used to make precise cuts with different shapes and in a more artistic way than other saws. Thus, they allow arbitrary cuts or with template designs. They can be used with different types of materials. They can cut wood, vinyl, aluminium, cork, steel, zinc and so on until completing a long list.

In short, it can be said that they are used for construction and remodelling of different types of parts and objects. However, the most common application of jigsaws is found in carpentry work. They are often used to achieve cuts that cannot be made with manual cutters.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of jigsaws?

The most important advantage of jigsaws is their versatility, and that it can be used for different types of materials. In addition, they are much less dangerous tools than other DIY machines. On the other hand, they do not allow very fast cuts, so some jobs can be a bit heavy.

Another advantage of the jigsaw is its price. These are machines have a fairly low price tag. Their cutting blades are also reasonably priced. In any case, you should always buy good quality blades to avoid damaging or bending the blades while working.

Why is it advisable to buy a jigsaw?

Jigsaws have become a vital tool for both amateurs and professional craftspeople. They offer a number of advantages such as precision and versatility that should not be overlooked. In addition, they can be used to work on different types of materials.

  • Very versatile
  • Used with a wide range of materials
  • Moderately priced
  • Can make curved cuts
  • Don”t make fast cuts
  • Necessary to take safety precautions
  • The cut may be diverted

What types of jigsaws exist?

There are different types of jigsaw. First, we can differentiate between saws with and without handles. The first ones have a handle with a trigger so they are easier to manipulate. The latter usually offer more power and have a pendular motion in the blade. In addition, they are more difficult to handle.

In the same way, you can differentiate between electric machines with cord and jigsaws with battery. The electric ones are connected to the electric current, while the latter have a battery. The advantage of cordless jigsaws is that they can be used in areas without access to electricity, such as in the yard.

How do you use a jigsaw?

Before starting to cut, it is a good idea to draw the cutting line with a pencil or market. In addition, the material to be cut must be secured well. To start cutting, rest the front of the machine base on the material you are going to cut. You must turn on the saw before the blade cuts the wood. Bring the blade closer and you can start cutting.

If you want to make an internal cut, you must use a drill first. Once this is done, enter the blade through the hole and proceed as explained above. Of course, you should choose the right blade for the cut to be made and the material to be used.

Zaha HadidFamous Architect and Urbanist

“People believe the right way build houses is on a right angle because it makes better use of space, but it’s like saying that a landscape is a waste of space. The world is not built on right angles.”

What are the dangers of using a jigsaw?

First of all, you should carefully read the instruction manual before starting to use the saw. In particular, take note of the section on the risks associated with its use. Before getting started, it is important to pay special attention not to cut the power cord with the saw.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you wear a suitable mask to protect yourself from dust. We suggest you use one with at a minimum code FFP2, or code FFP3 is even better. You should also wear safety glasses to protect yourself from wood chips that may fly up when using the saw. And don’t forget about hearing protection such as safety ear muffs, and protective gloves.

Joiner using measuring machine

With jigsaws it is possible to work with many different materials: wood, steel, aluminium, among others.
(Source: Bialasiewicz: 41889874/

What care does a jigsaw require?

Like any other precision tool, jigsaws require some basic care to ensure their smooth operation. Proper maintenance will help you enjoy your jigsaw for longer and in better condition. Otherwise, it won’t be long before you have to buy a new one.

Since they work with an electric motor, it is important to avoid it having contact with water. In addition, proper cleaning after use is essential to prevent dust accumulation. It is recommended to store them in a cool and dry place, away from corrosive or high humidity environments.

Buyer’s Guide

Next, we will analyze a series of factors that you should consider before buying a jigsaw. This way, it is more likely to be satisfied with the purchase you make. We don’t want you to regret it after a few months. Mainly, you should consider the following criteria:


We don’t need to tell you the importance of price when making a purchase. We’re sure you know this well! Cost is even more important when the product you’re looking to buy involves a significant financial investment. However, remember that buying something cheap often turns out to be expensive in the long run.

When it comes to jigsaws, the price can range from around $35 to $150. Within this range, you must decide based on your budget and your needs. That’s why we recommend you consider both your head and your wallet when choosing the right product for you.

Intended Use

There are different types of jigsaws you can choose, depending on what you plan to use it for. Different saws will be most appropriate for occasional use, compared to those intended for frequent use in a professional working environment. In the same way, you should consider the materials you are going to regularly cut with it.


Since a jigsaw is a portable tool, its size becomes a fundamental issue. If it is larger and heavier, it will be much less manageable and it will also be more complicated to move it. Size may often be related to power, so you have to prioritize between one and another.


Power is a fundamental aspect for a jigsaw. Keep in mind that higher powers are necessary to cut materials of greater hardness. In addition, higher blade speeds are achieved at a higher power level. Generally, the power levels in these tools is between 300 and 800 watts.

If you are a DIY fan and you are not going to use the saw for very complicated jobs, saws of up to 400 W will be enough. For more demanding jobs, however, it is recommended to buy a saw with a power exceeding 500 W. In any case, do not forget that power and price usually go hand in hand.


When choosing a saw, it is important to go for one that has different speed levels. This will allow you to work on different types of materials, as well as increasing the versatility of the tool. Moreover, keep in mind that the maximum speed is determined by the maximum power of the engine.

In general, most modern machines include an electronic cutting speed control system. This system will allow you to change the speed in a comfortable and easy way. Thus, you can adapt much better to the different materials you work with. Unfortunately, in low-end equipment, this system is often missing.

Blade Assembly

Currently, there are two fastening systems for the blades: the U system and the T system. There is no great difference between them beyond the fastening method. Both offer similar efficiency. However, it is necessary to consider the type of system when buying materials.

Ease of Changing the Blade

Sometimes this aspect can go unnoticed, but it has great importance. Over the years, you will need to change the blade on many occasions. Choosing a machine with an agile and fast blade change system will save you many headaches.

Most modern machines currently come with blade change systems that do not require any additional tools. This way, changing the blade becomes a fairly simple task. However, the most basic saws lack these systems, so the process can be quite taxing.


You can choose to buy a machine from a prestigious manufacturer or alternatively choose to purchase a white-label jigsaw. Of course, the brand you choose will impact on the price of the product. Our recommendation to choose a saw from a recognized brand if possible.

The best brands usually offer higher quality products. In addition, they have much more efficient customer service. Similarly, it is important to ensure the manufacturer offers a warranty of at least two years. Thus, you will always be covered in case of any incident or breakdown.


Having certain accessories let you undertake some operations where great skill is needed. Some really interesting complements are the cutting guides. They make it much easier to maintain a proper line when making a precise cut with the saw.

Another accessory of great help is the dust outlets connected to a vacuum cleaner that lets you seamlessly absorb the dust produced. This way, it is possible to work with more cleanliness and comfort. Also, don’t forget about the blade guards, which are vital for avoiding accidents which can arise if fingers or hands come too close to the saw.


Jigsaws are fundamental tools for DIY lovers and professionals. They offer a high level of performance allowing precise cuts in different types of materials. They can be used to work on wood, plastic, aluminium or vinyl, among other material.

In order to choose the right one for you, it is important thoroughly understand aspects such as different types of existing saws, their operation, advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is worth considering some criteria such as price, power, brand and accessories included. The best way to make the right purchase is to be well informed.

We hope you find this guide useful. If so, we would appreciate you sharing it with friends and leaving us a comment. In the meantime, we hope you make a good purchase and enjoy your new jigsaw.

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