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Most people prefer to keep their home and environment clean. A good way to keep things hygienic is to keep mess to a minimum. It’s easier to maintain a clean environment than to have to clean a mess every other day. If you’re a smoker or live with smokers, one of the essential accessories you can have to help you keep things sanitary is an ashtray.

Even if you don’t smoke or live with smokers, you may have the occasional guests who will need it and you’ll be happy they use it. Furthermore, most bars and restaurants in North America offer ashtrays in the places where smoking is allowed. If you’re looking for a model for your home, this guide is designed to help you find the perfect one.

Key Facts

  • There are some key aspects to consider when buying an ashtray for your home. In order to be satisfied with your purchase, you should consider all the relevant criteria and evaluate what is important to you.
  • An ashtray is not only meant to be used with cigarette buds or ashes, but you could also use it to hold incense or paper residues and debris.
  • You should also consider the decor of your home when choosing your ashtray, remember that ashtrays are often placed in plain sight. Fortunately, many manufacturers know this and offer very aesthetically pleasing options.
  • As with any good you buy, it is always important to make sure the product you choose offers you the best value for your money.

Our Selection of the Best Ashtrays on the U.S. Market

We want to kick off this guide by showing you the best ashtrays currently available in North America. If you think all ashtrays are pretty much the same thing, check out this list and you might discover some of the key variations ashtrays can offer.

Best Wooden Ashtray



Teagas 5.5″ Round Original Wooden Cigarette Ashtray Outdoors and Indoors Ash Tray

  • Teagas Wooden Ashtray is a practical and fashionable addition to modern decoration
  • Natural wood grain and bark on top and bottom
  • Well crafted and equipped with a nice coat of lacquer to ensure sustainability
  • Groove keeps ashes from blowing out with the wind. Easy to clean and maintain
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Teagas Wooden Ashtray is a practical and fashionable addition to modern decoration. This 5.5” natural wood grain ashtray has a beautiful dark brown outer bark color and a lighter, mahogany interior. The natural bark wraps around the sides and coats the bottom. It’s been expertly crafted and made with a fine layer of lacquer to ensure a smooth, sleek look and sustainability.

There are grooves on the outer edge of the bark that keep that ashes from blowing out with the wind and indents for you to place your cigarette if you want to set it down for a few moments or for a longer smoke break. Because of its design and topcoat finish, it is very easy to clean and maintain. It the perfect ashtray to have in rustic indoor or outdoor environments. It’s great for BBQs and outdoor parties due to its durability and waterproof design.

Best Modern Tabletop Ashtray

Made of stainless steel, this ashtray has a modern and easy to clean design. It is lightweight, easy to carry and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It has a body diameter of 3.88” and a height of 1.67”. It is the perfect miniature size to fit perfectly on small coffee tables or surfaces where you want to keep the space clean and tidy. It has a new and improved sealed lid that will keep your cigarettes safe.

The new and improved, all-welded hinge keeps the lid secure and shut once you are done smoking for a cleaner look whether indoors or outdoors. This ashtray was created through only the best workmanship with smooth edges that won’t cut or hurt your fingers. The lid is equipped with a thin, open-faced cylinder for you to quickly and safely place your cigarette during a smoke break. It comes with a brown bag for easy transport.

Best Windproof Ashtray

This beautiful, premium metal vintage ashtray by JKR is a classy and functional home decor piece that you never knew you needed to have! It is made of premium zinc alloy metal and is nickel, lead and cadmium free. It is hand stamped into the perfect 3D pattern for a stunning, bold look. Not only is this piece an ashtray, but can easily double as a candy holder, coin bank or even jewelry jar.

This ashtray comes in a quaint size and weight, measuring out to be 4.2” x 4.1” x 5.1 inches tall. The classy and study design is great for indoor or outdoor use and extremely portable. It has a push-down ashtray and easy to open lid that prevents fly away ash, messes and circulating smoke. It comes in varying color including bronze, tin and red copper. With this ashtray, you can pick the perfect model to complement and accent your home in a classic way.

Best Ceramic Ashtray



Teagas Glossy Black Ceramic Cigarette Ashtray for Man and Women, Outdoors Indoors Ash Tray, Desktop Smoking Ash Tray for Home Office Decoration, Pack of 2

  • Teagas Black Outdoor Ashtray has a glossy ceramic body. Simple style but Elegant, also suitable for indoor use
  • Three Cigarette holders for smoking convenience, keep your desktop clean
  • Nice Non-slip Bottom Design. Easy to clean and maintain
  • Nice additional decoration in house, garden, office, hotel, restaurant, etc
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This simple yet classic ashtray design by Teagas fits great in any home, office, bar or public setting to provide all your ashtray needs. It is a plain but elegant style made of a glassy ceramic body that’s suitable for both outdoors and indoors. Built into the rim are three cigarette holders for smoking convenience and to help you keep your desktop or tabletop clean and free of ash.

Teagas has made their ashtray with a nice non-slip bottom design to prevent any accidental and potentially harmful messes and burns. Because of its nice ceramic finish, it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain, keeping your tabletop looking well polished. The ashtray measures out at 1.2 inches tall and 4 inches wide. It is small enough to keep your surface top looking spick and span, but big enough for all your smoking needs. All this and 2 for the price of 1.

Best Crystal Ashtray

This dazzling and intricate ashtray is a beautiful artisan table piece that functions both as decoration and as an ashtray. The 3D visual art piece will change color according to the viewing angle. Made of high-quality glass, this cigarette ashtray is smooth and shiny, stable and sturdy and easy to clean. Attached to the bottom is a black liner that reduces movement, sound and any potential scratches to the surface of your furniture piece.

This is a perfect gift for friends, family or even yourself! It has a diameter of 4.5” on the outside, 2.8” on the inside, a height of 1.2” and is 1” deep. While each ashtray shift and changes color individually, they come in different primary shades including a darker blue, pink and green, green and blue, starry sky blue, starry sky purple, and a magnificent color combination that gives a spectacular eyeball effect.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Ashtrays

Now that you’re aware of the kinds of possibilities surrounding ashtrays, in this next section, we want to give you all the important information concerning these items. Being well informed is the best way to make sure you make the best possible decision at the time of purchase.

Ashtrays will have different features that make it better for one person or another.
(Source: Daria nepriakhina: 600234/

How to use an ashtray?

The way to use an ashtray is very straightforward and easy, for this reason, they are sometimes taken for granted and we neglect to notice just how helpful they can be. If you don’t have one, cigarette ashes will scatter all over the place, which is particularly unpleasant if you smoke inside your home. Dropping the ashes into the ashtray is easy and the way to do this will depend on the model.

Where should ashtrays be placed?

It stands to reason that an ashtray should place where people smoke. For this reason, it is not uncommon to find multiple ashtrays if several smokers live in the same house. Whether you place them in your room, in your garden or on the front porch, keep in mind that these accessories should be kept out of the reach of children.

What are the advantages of small ashtrays?

Small ashtrays are usually easy to move around if you smoke in different places in your home. In these cases, you may want to place a bigger ashtray in the living room or backyard. Bigger models are often available in multiple designs to fit different home decor. Nonetheless, if there are multiple smokers in your home, you’ll want to invest in a few small models that can be easily moved around.


Did you know that ashtrays are typically made of fire retardant material such as glass, heat-resistant plastic, pottery, metal, or stone?

Are ashtrays with lids convenient?

One of the most popular ashtray designs in North America are those that come with a lid. These models are very practical, particularly when being used outdoors. Their mechanism prevents ashes and buds from flying around if there is some wind. You can even find some designs that don’t have lids, instead, their design prevents air from entering the tray and spilling the ashes.

The most common ashtray design is a shallow cylinder with a flat base, to rest on a table.
(Source: Madllen: 23546615/

When should I clean my ashtray?

For starters, it is our advice that you choose an ashtray that is simple to use and easy to clean. Making sure the model you buy is easy to take apart and put back together. Most importantly, make sure that you can empty the ashes and dirt without any efforts. In order to avoid any accident, we suggest cleaning the ashtray before it’s completely full.

Newer models may have multiple parts that are meant to be taken apart before cleaning. If this is the case, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it properly. Keep in mind to always clean your ashtray when all the ashes and buds are cold, you don’t want to burn yourself in the process.

What materials are ashtrays made from?

As you may know by now, there is a huge selection of ashtrays available in the U.S. market. Some of the relevant aspects that will allow you to differentiate between them are: size, quality, price, and performance. One of the key aspects, however, will be their manufacturing material. In order to choose the best ashtray for you, it is important that you understand the different options available to you. Below we list the most popular ashtray materials along with a brief description.

  • Wood ashtrays. These items are great decorative pieces. Some models are hand made, which means they will cost much more than a simple ashtray.
  • Crystal ashtrays. These translucent designs tend to fly below the radar. Nonetheless, they are very valuable and you’ll need to be especially careful with them, as their heavier weight and are prone to causing more accidents.
  • Glass ashtrays. Their features are very similar to those made out of crystal, however, they tend to be cheaper and more robust.
  • Bronze ashtrays. These models are also heavy and you’ll want to avoid them falling on your furniture, floors or feet.
  • Ceramic ashtrays. These very delicate models need to be handled with the utmost care, some beautiful designs are also purely decorative pieces.
  • Stainless steel ashtrays. These may just be the most popular, as they combine aesthetics, practicality and easy cleaning.
  • Melamine ashtrays. These models are also well known and come in beautiful designs. This material looks very similar to wood.
  • Silicone ashtrays. These are often the cheapest option, and you will find them in dozens of sizes, colors and designs.

What types of ashtrays are available on the U.S. market?

As you might have noticed earlier in this article, there are many options for ashtrays available to Americans. To choose the right model for you, you’ll want to be clear about what each design offers. This next table summarizes the different types of ashtrays with a brief description.

Type of ashtray Description
Table ashtrays These designs are most often found in homes. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Some models feature a lid.
Portable ashtrays They are generally made from stainless steel and are designed to be moved from one place to another. If it has a lid, It will help you avoid throwing ashes all over the place.
Beach ashtrays Most of these models available on the market are made of plastic and are very affordable. They can be used on the beach or the outdoors in general.
Free-standing ashtrays Certain freestanding models are extremely aesthetic and great decorative pieces.
Cigarette bins Depending on the state you live in, the ban on smoking in public places will be different. This means that this type of model is often only found in front of buildings.
Push-button ashtrays They work by pushing a button to let the ashes fall inside. They are very practical and easy to use.
Car ashtrays Besides the more common models that are found in standard cars, you can also find ashtrays made to be placed inside your vehicle.
Decorative ashtrays These ashtrays are solely designed to decorate your home. They present original designs that take precedence over functionality.

Are there ashtrays that eliminate odours?

An item we didn’t include in the table above is sealed and smokeless ashtrays. Alas, there are some models designed specifically to neutralize most of the smoke and smells. While these items are more expensive than the ones listed above, they are a great investment if you have the habit of smoking inside. Their mechanisms help prevent the smells from impregnating your home.

Some of these ashtrays even release negative ions with high-pressure air to turn off the embers and neutralize smell particles. This happens because the air remains clean when oxygen ions are released. However, there is one key aspect to consider if you decide to opt for one of these devices: there is a square meter restriction on their capabilities.

How much do ashtrays cost?

As you may have seen in our ranking, ashtrays can come in a very wide price range. You’ll just as easily find a product for under 10 bucks as you can find an ashtray that retails for more than a thousand dollars. It is important to note that the latter are often purely decorative and collector pieces that may have added value from their history.

Here is a rough guideline for ashtray prices in the United States:

Type of ashtray Price
Ashtrays with lids Their usual price is between 10 and 25 dollars.
Portable ashtrays Their prices ranges from 5 to 15 dollars.
Free-standing ashtrays Their price range is wider, fluctuating between 20 and 50 dollars.
Car ashtrays You can find models below 15 dollars, with others exceeding 50 dollars.
Push-button ashtrays Again, prices can vary between less than 15 dollars to over 40 bucks.
Table ashtrays These are very affordable, ranging from 5 to 20 bucks.
Cigarette bins With a starting price of around 40 dollars, they can also easily cost over 100 dollars.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ashtrays?

If you’re a regular smoker, you should have multiple ashtrays around your home, particularly if you smoke inside. These items are crucial tools to help you keep ashes from flying all over your home. Even though you can always make an impromptu ashtray, this is neither practical nor hygienic.

  • You can find very affordable models
  • They are generally easy to clean
  • They help you keep your home clean
  • Certain models offer very advanced functions
  • Some ashtrays are less easy to use
  • You need to empty them before they fill up
  • They may encourage smoking

Shopping Criteria

This is the last section of this guide, and in it we want to include one last set of criteria to consider before making the final decision. If you keep these things in mind, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect ashtray to suit your needs.


By now you know there is a virtually infinite selection of ashtrays available to you. To get the best model for you, you have to evaluate your needs and space. After you’ve done this, we’re sure you’ll be able to choose the perfect ashtray to meet all your requirements.

Ashtrays are typically made of fire retardant material such as glass, heat-resistant plastic, pottery, metal, or stone.
(Source: Ivan Spasic: 104451610/


You should consider the space you want to dedicate to the ashtray and choose the size of the ashtray accordingly. We should note that if you have multiple smokers in your house, you should opt for larger designs for common areas. On the other hand, choose a small ashtray for side tables or to be easily transported from one place to the next. When the size is a concern, keep in mind that free-standing ashtrays will often be larger than the rest.


First and foremost, ashtrays should naturally be practical items easy to use and clean. Next, it is also crucial that they can easily fulfill their mission to collect ashes and debris. With all this in mind, you should still consider that ashtrays are often passed in plain sight and they should, therefore, be somewhat aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, in North America, there is no shortage of models and designs you can choose from.

Additional Features

Some ashtrays include features which are meant to make them more effective and efficient. Make sure to consider these features to know if any of them may be of interest to you. After you’re informed and clear on your options, it will be much easier to find exactly what you need.


Last but not least, make sure to consider the material you want to your ashtray to be made out of. While it’s important it first fulfills its purpose, it is also important that the model you choose be aesthetically pleasing if this is something that matters to you. Moreover, consider its use and if you want it to be robust or easy to transport. Taking these things into account will help you determine which material will be best for your ashtray.


Ashtrays are invaluable items in any home that has smokers. The U.S. market has a vast selection of products to choose from with varying features and characteristics. You are sure to find an ashtray in the perfect size, shape, material, and design. Once you know what you want, all you have to do is pick the ashtray that best suits all of your needs.

Ashtrays in North America can vary greatly in price. You can easily find a product for under 10 bucks, and just as easily find another product that costs over a thousand dollars. The latter often offer something special to justify their value. At the end of the day, the most important thing should be that the product you choose functions as it’s supposed to!

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