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More and more people are allergic; this is a fact. One of the factors that most influence respiratory allergies is air quality. While not much can actually be done at an environmental level, there’s one thing you can do at home: improve the air quality. This is why air purifiers are so useful.

The reality is that we spend most of our time indoors, be it at work or at home. For this reason, it is essential that you take care of the air you breathe when you’re inside. You can have an air purifier at home or in your office, and you’ll be able to pick the best model out there with our shopping guide.

Key Facts

  • An air purifier will help you truly improve the environment of your home. This device can filter a large quantity of air so that the people living in your household enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.
  • You should thoroughly analyze the device you want to purchase. This is very important because each model can present different characteristics. If you want to make the best decision, you’ll have to consider the needs of everyone living in your home.
  • Keeping your air purifier in perfect condition is essential if you want to get optimal results. This household appliance needs to be properly maintained to perform at its best.
  • Note that this device requires a certain amount of floor space. Make sure you know exactly where you want to place it in your home to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The best air purifiers on the U.S. market

What better way to start our shopping guide than with a selection of the very best air purifiers available right now on the American market? These models have satisfied their buyers and met all their requirements. This ranking will also help you discover some of the key features of air purifiers.

Germ Guardian AC4825

Guardian Technologies specializes in the manufacturing of small household appliances to make your life easier and happier, and this is exactly what this air purifier will do. Its fantastic reviews by past customers have made it Amazon’s Choice in the category, and this 3-in-1 appliance will reduce 99.97% of all harmful germs, dust and other allergens in the air.

The Germ Guardian can purify rooms of up to 167 square feet and it will reduce bad odors in your household. It features three different speed levels, including an ultra-quiet sleep mode so you can rest easy. The LED light located below the power button will tell you when it’s time to change the HEPA and charcoal filters. This product comes with a 3-year warranty.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

South Korean company Coway is a force to be reckoned with in the home wellness appliance industry, and past buyers have praised the overall value for money of the Mighty air purifier. It is incredibly powerful and can accommodate spaces of up to 361 square feet. The timer and three fan speeds of this device allow you to truly customize how you want to care for your air.

This purifier has a four-stage filtration system to trap and reduce 99.97% of all particles. Besides the odor and True HEPA filters, the pre-filter is washable. The air quality indicator is a very useful feature that will let you know how polluted the air in your home is at all times. Available in black or white, this device has a 1-year warranty.

Alen BreatheSmart Classic

Texas-based company Alen only develops the best air purifiers that you can find on the market, and the BreatheSmart Classic is an incredible appliance for your home. Capable of purifying rooms of up to 1,100 square feet, it comes with four different HEPA filters. You can say goodbye to all the dust, mold, fumes and other odors that accumulate in your home.

It includes a filter indicator, a timer, various fan speeds and the Smart Sensor technology to know how clean your air is. On top of all these useful features, you’ll note that Alen hasn’t saved its quarters when it comes to design. The BreatheSmart is sleek and will perfectly blend into your home décor. If that wasn’t enough, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Levoit LV-H132

Californian brand Levoit has done it right with this very affordable air purifier for your home. This Amazon Best Seller is very compact and is designed to clean the air in spaces of up to 129 square feet. Its three-stage filtration system will remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odor, mold spores, and pet dander so you can breath easy.

What’s more, this air purifier designed in California is ultra-silent, and you won’t have to put up with any noise during the night. It also features a soothing night light. The three fan speeds allow you to adjust the power of the device, while the timer is another useful function to have. Note that the filter will need to be replaced on average every six months.

Winix 5500-2

This three-stage air purifier by South Korean company Winix is a fan favorite, having received top ratings from hundreds of past users who were particularly satisfied with its value for money. Suitable for rooms of up to 360 square feet, this model offers four different fan speed modes and will remove 99.97% of all particles found in the air.

Like other air purifiers featured in our ranking, it integrates an indicator to know when it’s time to replace your filter. The AOC carbon filter is washable and reusable. The PlasmaWave Technology breaks down odors and fumes for even healthier air. The Auto Mode uses sensors to evaluate the quality of the air and adjusts for optimal air purifying.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about air purifiers

Now that you’ve discovered some of the best air purifiers out there, you should start to be familiar with a few interesting features these appliances offer. In the following section, we’ll have a look at other aspects that you should absolutely take into account when making your purchase. Take your time and you’ll be satisfied with your decision.

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An air purifier will improve the quality of life of your household.
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What is an air purifier exactly?

This household appliance is designed to remove certain particles from the environment that could harm your health. These are found in the air and can cause various allergies and worsen asthma. An air purifier will improve the atmosphere of any room in which it is placed.

Are humidifiers and air purifiers the same device?

Some people believe that these two appliances are actually the same thing. You should know that this is not the case. While it is true that both are designed to care for the health of their users, they do present quite a few differences. Humidifiers will only improve the humidity of the air — a great tool to prevent harmful dry environments.

As you now know, a purifier is designed to clean the air. Humidifiers take care of your health externally, while purifiers take care of your health internally. This is why you can actually have both appliances in your home, since each has a different function. And both will improve your quality of life.

Milken Institute School of Public HealthGeorge Washington University, Washington, D.C.

“An estimated 4 million children developed asthma each year from 2010 to 2015 due to exposure to NO2 pollution, which primarily comes motor vehicle exhaust.”

Why should I have an air purifier?

There are many reasons why you should have an air purifier at home or in your office. We want you to know what these reasons are because we’re sure they’ll convince you of how indispensable this appliance is. We’ve listed their benefits below, and you should have little doubt left after reading them:

  • They fight allergens. An air purifier will eliminate virtually all allergens present in the room. This is incredibly useful for anyone suffering from allergic reactions.
  • They optimize the environment. Your home environment will greatly improve.
  • They destroy bad smells. An air purifier can eliminate different smells in the home, such as tobacco, pets or food.
  • They eliminate mold. Mold can seriously harm your health. This appliance will help you kill it and prevent its appearance.

What types of air purifiers are there?

Different types of air purifiers are available on the American market. In the table below, we’ll have a look at the differences in terms of filters. Knowing how these appliances are classified will help you make an informed decision when the time comes to purchase one for your home or office. Pay attention and you’ll learn all you need to know:

Type of filter What is it?
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) This is the most basic model of all. Its very thin filter has a fairly short useful life.
HEPA and pre-filter This option is better than the previous one, but it is not very complete. It can clean up to 82.3% of the air. Some are considerably better.
HEPA, carbon, and pre-filter These mid-range purifiers can filter between 95 and 99% of particles. They are a good option.
HEPA, carbon, electrostatic, and pre-filter These are high-end purifiers that will deal with over 99% of all air. They should have a quality electrostatic filter.
HEPA, carbon, electrostatic, pre-filter, and negative ionization These are also high-end models. The negative ionization kills bacteria and microorganisms. It is one of the best options.
HEPA, electrostatic, pre-filter, carbon, negative ionization, and active oxygenation The very best in the business, they can remove 99.9% of all particles and have a longer useful life.

What types of filters do air purifiers use?

As you just saw, the filters are one of the most important elements of air purifiers. Although you can still find models on the American market without filters, this is incredibly rare. This is why you should absolutely understand what each type has to offer. It will make your decision that much easier.

Type of filter Characteristics
Nylon Air conditioning systems use this filter. It can trap dust and other particles of a certain size. In that regard, other filters are more efficient.
Active carbon Porous carbon is used in its manufacture. It is used to convert gas particles into solid ones. It deals with biological particles and therefore odors.
4G filter It consists of very fine nylon threads. This type is ideal to capture smaller bacteria. It will also remove tiny dust particles found in the air.
High-performance HEPA  It catches small dust particles, germs, and bacteria. All the little parts stick to the filter. This type is always combined with a larger particle filter.

What is the ionizing function of an air purifier?

Also called negative ionization, this system is designed to kill bacteria and other microorganisms. The ions released by the air purifier catch the positively charged molecules. The particles then become so heavy that they fall to the ground. Once they are no longer present in the air, all you need to do is sweep the floor.

Don’t forget that air purifiers that integrate the ionizing function do not have filters. These aren’t necessary since this type of air purifiers doesn’t try to trap the different particles. All it does is provide the ionic charge that will make those particles directly fall to the ground. This also means that you’ll never have to change the filter of your appliance.

Dehumidifier with touch panel, humidity indicator, uv lamp, air ionizer, water container works at home. Air dryer

Your purifier needs to be kept clean to work efficiently.
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers?

We’re about to close up this section of our article, and you’ve already discovered quite a few interesting aspects of air purifiers. You may have already made up your mind, but we’ve listed the main benefits and drawbacks of these appliances in case you weren’t fully convinced yet:

  • They offer great performance
  • They take care of the health of everyone living in your household
  • Air purifiers improve your living environment
  • They are ideal devices to fight allergies
  • They can be quite expensive
  • Some models take up a lot of space
  • Most of them will need to have their filters changed from time to tome

Shopping Criteria

As we stated earlier, it’s quite possible that you already have a clear idea of the type of air purifier you want to purchase. That being said, there are still some key features that you will need to evaluate. This is why we’ve detailed these criteria in the following section, so you have all the information you need to buy the best air purifier.


The power of an air purifier ultimately determines its effectiveness. The more power it has, the faster it can clean the air. This is why it so important that you don’t overlook this factor. It is particularly relevant if you want to purify a very large space, since not all models will be able to handle it. Some air purifiers allow you to regulate their power depending on the size of the room they’re in.

World Health Organization (WHO)

“By 2050, half of the world’s population will suffer from some form of allergy.”


The size of your device is another criterion you should keep in mind. Remember that certain air purifiers can be very large. This could become a problem if you want to use your purifier in a small room. From a purely aesthetic point of view, a very large appliance may not be the kind of decoration you were looking for. Luckily, some air purifiers now have sleek designs.


One of the most determining factors when purchasing your own air purifier is the noise it makes. A very noisy appliance can be particularly annoying. This is why you should be able to check the noise level of the specific model you’re interested in. The sleep mode, for instance, will automatically reduce the intensity of the appliance at night.


Most of these devices offer different speeds. That way, you can adapt how efficiently your air purifier works depending on the room it’s in. Some models feature turbo and night modes, for example. This will also help you determine the speed at which you want your device to operate.

Room size

As we mentioned earlier, each air purifier is designed to cover a specific surface area. This means that these devices can be adapted to the needs of each room. Don’t neglect this aspect; if you opt for a model that cannot cover the whole surface, it will be useless. On the other hand, you’ll be wasting both energy and money if you choose an air purifier that is too powerful.


The maintenance required by the appliance is another key point. Start by finding out how often you will need to clean the filters. You should also keep in mind that these will need to be replaced every few months. Check the price of the filters to have an idea of how much you will be spending in the long run.


People tend to purchase a single air purifier for the whole house. This is why you may end up moving your appliance from one room to another. In that regard, think about whether the model you want to purchase is easy to transport around your home. You may end up having some difficulties using your air purifier if you overlook this aspect.

Worker with air filter

Air purifiers that integrate the ionizing function do not have filters.
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Last but not least, it is important that you are clear about the use of your purifier. Is it for domestic or industrial purposes? The main difference will be regarding the capacity to cover a certain surface area and their power. This will naturally influence the size of the device appliance. As you can imagine, industrial models are much larger than those designed for your home.


Air purifiers are an incredible tool to keep your environment free of particles that can be harmful to your health. They also contribute to eliminating bad odors, such as those produced by food, pets or tobacco smoke. These appliances can even be vital for individuals suffering from allergies or asthma, among other diseases.

Air purifiers can be quite expensive, and the characteristics of each model will naturally influence the price. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should try and get the best value for money you can. Don’t forget to check what kind of filters are used (if any), the surface area it can cover and its maximum power.

Did you find our shopping guide on air purifiers useful? If that’s the case, feel free to share our article on your social media. You can also leave us a comment in the section below, and we’ll be happy to get back to you!

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